Why Sell With Best Price Real Estate?

We’re a fresh new agency, with a positive attitude to value adding. You see we don’t want 30 listings for each agent. Our number …. It’s ONE.

That’s right, we’re turning the industry on its head and selling just 1 property at a time.

Unprecedented Focus

That way we create an intensity of focus unequally in the marketplace. Buyers will be shocked by an agent who knows absolutely everything about the house, all the features, all the qualities that make it special.

We’ll know all the reasons you fell in love with your home when you bought it. Just the sort of information essential in getting the best results for your sale.

Like a decorator, project manager and salesperson rolled into one

Okay we’re not Shayna Blaze, nor are we designers, or builders, but we may act to help co ordinate your efforts to present your home in the best possible light. What we’re saying and urging all our owners to consider is that a small investment to improve the look and appeal of the home goes a long way to getting an extra $50,000 on the sale contract.

Creativity- Yes from a real estate salesperson!

No cookie cutter approaches here. We deliver a marketing strategy to get you noticed. We want your house to be the one people remember. So our ads and signs and written copy is different. Definitely designed to be remembered.

Put us to the test

Ask us over for an obligation free assessment of your property for marketing purposes. We can usually come up with a few points for improvement and one angle to set you apart.

Best Presentation = Best Price

We want to help you present in the best possible way, to achieve he highest possible price. To this end we start with a strategy that may include

  • decluttering
  • minor improvements
  • all maintenance issues
  • painting part or all of the house
  • staging with minimal but luxurious furnishings

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