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Meet Scott Westwood....

Scott is a passionate property investor and renovator. He has extensive sales and property management experience. He’s seen the real estate industry from both sides of the fence, affording him the insights to reinvent a sales approach…. A sales approach that’s what he would have wanted from agents assisting him in selling.

About Scott Westwood

Scott challenges the mass-market approach with a hands-on, creative methodology to marketing property.

My objective is not to get the most listings like most agents. It is more about focused attention on ONE property at a time. 

From working in property management, publishing and his successful electrical business which he ran for many years, Scott has at last found his real passion- property sales.

Best Price Real Estate.........

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PROPERTY SALES- The Science of Attraction

It’s our knowledge and passion to discover the unique selling features of your property, that will attract its optimal selling price.

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We are a boutique real estate agency servicing greater Brisbane. Best Price Real Estate specialise in personalised Residential Sales in Brisbane inner-city & surrounds.

The $12.32 Million Salesperson

Scott heads up Best Price Real Estate. Scott’s approach to sales is to intensely focus his energies on one property at a time. The results have been amazing to say the least.
Scott’s personally sold $12.32 Million in property in the last 30 days.