Hi. We’re Best Price Real Estate

We are proactive in presenting your property, with a fresh take on how real estate should be.  We’re here to make a difference, and delight you with the results. We get vendors the best possible price through our unique approach to value adding, presentation and creative marketing.

It might be easier to explain it to you this way . . .

What we’re NOT is as important as what we ARE.

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We’re not about listing dozens of properties (we limit our listings to 5 at a time).

We’re not about over-promising and under delivering. We set realistic expectations, but attempt to exceed them every time.

We’re seriously creative about how to market your home. We don’t offer cookie-cutter approaches to selling your property. The whole point is to make your property stand out and be visible in a sea of competition.

Aside from strategic marketing and creative campaign planning we offer project management to home value adding and styling.

Get it right-first time

Let’s say you’re have a hoard of your best buddies over for a special occasion. You rub the pork, marinate it, then cook that sucker like it’s your last meal. Attentive, with a keen eye on every step. Yet it’s so easy to get the timing wrong, it’s overcooked, not enough moisture, or too salty. Sound familiar?

Marketing your home is a lot like serving your guests a sensational meal. Except the sale of your most valuable asset is not something you can afford to stuff up. You’ve got one chance to get it right, so get it right the first time with us.

Pricing is an art

Start with too high a price, and buyers won’t come near you. In fact you can loose a month or three, just coming to terms with the market’s estimate of value. And before you know it, your property looks like it’s the rejected property nobody wants.

Presentation Perfect

Start with imperfect presentation, and you’ll always be short-changing yourself and be offered less than the property is worth.

It’s much better to have a budget to fix any imperfections, within the realms of your budget, BEFORE going to market.

Our Unique Offering- Your Advantage

Our approach is unique:

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A 110% effort from Scott Westwood

The first time we meet Scott we knew he was passionate about his job and would give 110% effort to sell our house. All the way through, Scott was there to guide us, from presentation tips to regular updates. We would highly recommend Scott Westwood to anyone selling.

Russel Nouveau

Scott's natural dynamic personality emerged

From the moment Scott Westwood introduced himself, he gave me the impression of a kind and sensitive person, yet within a few minutes, a natural dynamic personality emerged. Scott was of great help in assisting me to get more for my property, with tips on presentation, staging and painting.

Ms. Kanita Buckley

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